Reusable Paperless Pour Over Coffee Dripper

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  • MATERIAL & DESIGN: The filter paper's inner layer is woven from high-density ultra-fine metal wire isolated from the coffee powder. The thickened stainless steel plate's outer layer is laser perforated to provide an additional protective layer.
  • FOLDING DESIGN: Easy to transport. The internal contact surface with the coffee is made of ABS material, which is self-cleaning.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The steel mesh part of the cup is polished, making it difficult for coffee grounds to adhere, and both sides are rinsed clean.
  • NO FILTER PAPER: No filter paper, no strange odor, more environmentally friendly: no need to be concerned about the peculiar smell of filter paper affecting the coffee flavor.

Customer Reviews

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Skylar Campbell

This pour-over dripper is amazing, it makes such a clean cup of coffee.

Mason Hughes

The coffee tastes so much better with this pour-over dripper compared to my old coffee maker.

Lee Odom

The coffee comes out so smooth and flavorful with this reusable dripper, I can't believe I waited so long to try it.

Mell May

This paperless pour-over dripper is perfect for camping and travel, it's so lightweight and compact.

Kai Sargent

I was hesitant to switch from my traditional coffee maker to a pour-over dripper, but I'm glad I did - this coffee tastes so much better.